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When deciding what to wear;


For headshots - keep it casual (t-shirts, henleys, etc.), if shooting fashion style shots; keep it trendy and well fitted.  

Know that it is important to choose colors that really highlight your eyes and look great with your skin tone.  If you don’t know what colors will work best, stand in front of a mirror and hold up various colors to determine what makes your eyes “pop”.  Layers work great too!  Please note:  Black, white and primary red (not be be confused with maroon/burgundy) are the hardest colors to utilize when shooting headshots.  Earthy tones and jewel tones work the best.  We want them to see "you" and not have your wardrobe be the first thing they notice.  Also try to avoid large logos and really busy patterns.  


You are more than welcome to bring multiple wardrobe options and we can choose together what will look best.

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